About Us...
USC sells portion control and monitoring devices for the hospitality industry. If you are a restaurant or bar owner our products can help you increase your profits and decrease your work load. Our commitment to our customers is first and foremost, our commitment to product quality and design gives you years of worry free operation.

USC was founded in 1995. We draw from the diverse knowledge and experience of individuals who have seen technology of the hospitality industry evolve from the days of manual labor management to electronic and computer-based systems that are common today. Our people are engineers, software developers, computer integrators, and sales professionals. With these resources in place we set out to develop and source products for the hospitality industry. We sell liquor & draft control systems and accessories. We sell these products across North America through dealers and distributors. We also have exclusive distribution rights with other manufacturers and distribute their products.

New Revenue Streams
If you are looking for control products for the hospitality industry look no further, hospitality software, liquor and draft beer control systems, on-premise paging, communications, and table management. Our goal is to consistently offer our clients quality products at competitive prices and to stay current of the latest developments within the hospitality industry. But, while quality and selection are important, what sets us apart from our competition is our dedication to timely customer service and support. We can help you find the right combination of solutions to suit your customer's needs and increase your revenue.

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