Beer Portioning & Monitoring
USC TOR-COM/BCM beer & wine monitors are available in 6, 12 and up to 36 lines can be daisy-chained for beer & wine monitoring in ml or ounces per line.
The TOR-COM unit can monitor 12 lines or portion 8 lines of beer and wine using valves.

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Beer & Wine Monitor
BCM-6 can be used as a counter for beer, wine, juice, soft drinks

  • Counter for up to 6 independent beer lines
  • Pre-programmed for ounces (or ml & L)
  • Use with USC digital flowmeters
  • Flowmeter inputs protected by opto-couplers
  • Calibration of flowmeters by dispensing or programming
  • Automatic display of results; by input channel
  • 1 hour autonomy with included battery
  • Memorization of power off / power on events
  • Real time clock
  • Access to programming by PIN code
  • Results are protected by PIN code
  • Connect a printer or a PC for reporting
  • Connect to POS
  • Firmware can be updated
  • Serial RS-232 port for connection to PC or printer.
  • Includes power supply.

    12 Line Monitor & 8 Line Portion Control
    The TOR-COM is a system with monitoring or portioning functions for draft dispensing. It provides essential information for the optimal management of a bar or restaurant.

    The portioning module controls draft dispensing of all beverages through manual, semi-automatic or automatic draft taps, gun dispensing and fountain beverage machines, while handling bidirectional communication with cash registers and POS systems with our patented "Universal punch to pour" or "Spirit" interface.

  • The portioning module controls up to 8 valves with flow meters
  • Portions poured by time or flow meter
  • Portions activated/poured by keypad or manual tap
  • Supports 8 keypads with 4 portion buttons per keypad
  • Independent programming for each keypad and portion
  • RS-232 interface for POS/ECR/ Printer
  • Optional Display unit "DKU"
  • Programming from the DKU or C3-Builder Software
  • Standalone mode standard
  • Network functionality (optional)
  • Interface Protocol "Spirit" option, manage compatible control boxes using two way protected liquor interface
  • Interface Protocol "Universal punch to pour" option manages recipes and generates credits for items ordered from the POS even if your POS does not support a bar interface module.
  • Easy access to OFFLINE mode
  • Stores totals of OFFLINE sales.
  • Control wine by the glass dispensers
  • Firmware upgrade through software

  • USC TOR-COM Manual Inline Portion Valves
    Inline Valve
    Keep the aesthetic look of your bar, with portion control.

    USC TOR-COM Automatic Portion Heads
    4 Portion Heads
    Stainless steel throughout; long life, no plastic parts in path of liquid, easy cleaning, simple replaceable parts.

    USC Beer and Wine Digital Flowmeter
    Digital Flowmeter
    Low volume rotating vane type, pulse output for accuracy, provides for accurate measure of liquid flow. Tube OD is 3/8 on both ends, can be used with tube fittings.

    Beer Line Connectors available in Equal or Reducing OD configurations 3/8 to 3/8 , 3/8 to 1/4, 3/8 to 5/16 , 3/8 to 1/2...