Company News...

New Product Line
USC is named the Canadian distributor for Wircon "Wireless Dispensing Systems". Wircon Corp, based in Denmark, has created innovative high-technology products for the bar and restaurant industry for over 10 years. Wircon engineers have used their extensive knowledge and expertise in wireless communication technologies, hardware, software, valve, fine mechanics & more to create the Wircon Wireless Dispensing System. The Wircon System is a user friendly competitively priced solution for controlling dispensed amounts of spirits with measured pour technology and monitoring of all pours wirelessly connected to an intuitive - easy to use software package. .

New Inovations
Beer monitoring system BCM-6; Monitor 6 lines of beer or wine. Can be interfaced to POS systems with liquor dispensing interfaces. One hour backup battery keeps taking readings even when the power fails.

Quality Control
"USC SPIRIT" products are tested twice, once at the factory and again before being shipped to you. Double quality control from the company you have come to trust for quality.